Early Learning at the Y

We provide year-round education and care for infants and children between six weeks to five years of age.

Our warm, welcoming environment and highly skilled educators provide the perfect setting to explore and build upon your child's interests, skills and abilities.

Each room is age and developmentally appropriate, as we plan for the unique learning experiences relevant to your child. Our room layout, toy and equipment selection and activities are designed to stimulate active minds and bring our philosophy of learning through play to life!

Our educators are dedicated to early education and care. They will work with you to develop a program of daily planned experiences for your child based on their individual needs, interests and routine.

We design our programs in accordance with the Victorian Early Years Learning and Development Framework and National Quality Standards, which we proudly strive to exceed.

Your child will explore, discover and create as we support them in being healthy and happy every day.

  • We believe your child is a confident, capable learner with an active mind. All children in our care have fun with paint, drawing, puzzles, imaginative play, music and drama. They also engage in sensory activities such as clay creations, water, mud and messy play.
  • We believe in healthy and happy childhoods. That's why children at our centres love to dance, climb, garden, cook, share stories, ride bikes, care for our pets and sing! Our Early Learning Centres are also part of the Healthy Together Achievement Program, which makes sure children are healthy and active in early childhood settings. We carefully plan and prepare our seasonal menu and ensure vegetarian options are available for all meals.
  • Connecting with the community is an important part of what we do. We plan inclusive, exciting incursions every term and love seeing the children connect with their local community. Animal farms, emergency services, vets, dentists and musicians and other special guests often visit our centres. Children also learn about the environment, cultural and family celebrations and other special events and activities.


Kindergarten Title

As part of our long day care service, we provide a funded kindergarten program. This integrated approach provides your child with greater support from a qualified teacher throughout the day.

A specialist kindergarten teacher will take care of your child’s developmental needs and interests. They will also provide a balance of planned and spontaneous experiences both indoors and out, through an emergent and child-centred curriculum.

 Planned activities include:

  • Language, literature and numeracy activities;
  • Multimedia art and crafts;
  • Environmental sustainability practices;
  • Specialised school readiness programs (in consultation with the on-site primary school).

A unique and highly successful aspect of our funded program is the co-location of our kindergartens on the same grounds as primary schools. This allows us to work closely with prep teachers and collaborate on individual transition plans all while your child gets to know their future teachers and friends in their kindergarten year. This integrated approach instils confidence in your child and gives them the best start in school.